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freshly picked

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Herb parsley
Dried Herb Crumbles
Vibrant, aromatic, colourful dried herbs.
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dried herbs and spices
Herb Collections
Vibrant dried herbs and spices
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chilli powder
Chilli Medley
Our signature dish of ground chillies, cumin, oregano, garlic and onion.
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chilli and herb medley
Chilli Herb Medley
A special dish of our Chilli Medley mixed with assorted dried herbs.  Perfect to sprinkle on vegetables for roasting or casseroles. 
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herb and spice jar
Spice and Herb Storage
Pantry glass and stainless steel storage jars.
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why choose us

always fresh

We hand harvest at the optimal time for product freshness.  Our process maintains the maximum colour, flavour and aroma.  You'll notice the difference with our herbs and spices.

Best Quality

Our produce is grown under regenerative and sustainable farming practices.   We aim to lower our carbon footprint while replenishing the soil.  

Harvesting - karolina-grabowska
Prompt Dispatch

Free delivery on orders over $50.

To maintain the quality of our herbs we do not dry and store for long periods.  So during high demand your order may take a little while to dispatch.  

Eco Conscious Practice

Everything we do is with the environment in mind.  We aim for plastic and chemical free growing. We pack  and dispatch in compostable packaging.  We offer refills in compostable packaging for jars already in your pantry.